EXW - PoS System (Point of Sale)
POS system (point of sale) for the payment of goods and services

A POS terminal (Point of Sale) is an online terminal for cashless payment at a point of sale. Today, a POS system supports both cards with a code (mostly debit cards) and cards with a signature (mostly credit cards) as well as payments using an electronic wallet.

The EXW POS System is the solution for retailers who want to accept cryptocurrency payments. Paying with cryptocurrencies is easily possible with EXW.

Most retailers do not currently accept payments with digital assets. For reasons of liquidity, there is often the need to exchange the digital "money" back into FIAT currency as quickly as possible.
The POS payment system solves the problems that previously existed when paying with cryptocurrencies. Immediate transactions can be carried out with the POS machine - without long transaction paths, without cumbersome exchanges and without too low limits.

EXW is currently working intensively, in collaboration with payment service providers, to bring the technical solution to the market.


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