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Instructions for registration, verification and security settings

Registration at EXW / EXchangeWorld (ExWorld) is free. Without a valid registration link, however, no registration is possible.
After registering you will receive your own registration link (Ref-Link) for referrals.


Registration link (Ref-Link)
To register with EXW / EXchangeWorld (ExWorld), please use the following link:

Registration at EXW
Fill in the registration form with your data. Do not forget to read and accept the "Terms and conditions" and Risk Disclosure [15].
Then press "Submit" to complete the registration.

  1. Select user name
  2. Valid Email Address
  3. Choose password
  4. Repeat password
  5. Select gender
    - Male
    - Female
  6. First given name
  7. Surname
  8. Birthday (month / day / year)
  9. Street and number
  10. Postal Code (ZIP)
  11. City
  12. Choose country
  13. Name of sponsor / referrer (will be completed automatically)
  14. Read and accept terms and conditions
  15. Mark risk instructions as read
  16. Confirm captcha
  17. Submit Form
When registering for a company, the company name and VAT ID must also be specified.

After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email with a link. Please check your e-mail inbox and confirm the registration by clicking on the confirmation link.
If you can not find the e-mail, please check your spam mailbox.

Notes on the registration form

Please make sure that you enter your data correctly. Enter the details exactly as they appear on your ID. This data is used for data reconciliation in KYC verification.
The selected user name is part of your registration link (Ref-Link).

Login to EXW
After clicking on the link in the confirmation email, you can now log in to the website with your account (back office) by clicking on "Login Now".

Otherwise, use the following link to login:

  1. Selected user name
  2. Selected password
  3. Confirm captcha
  4. Submit login

After sending the login you will be asked for the 2FA security code.

Security settings (Google 2FA)
For security reasons, a 6-digit 2FA security code must be entered in addition to the login data.
This security code is generated with another app, the Google 2FA Autenticator. If not already available, you must first install this APP on your smartphone.

Download Google 2FA Authenticator for iOS
Download Google 2FA Authenticator for Android

Before the 2FA Authenticator can be used, an assignment must be made to EXW. To do this, an account must be created in the Google 2FA Autenticator. The key code required for this is provided in the EXW back office.

Display the individual 2FA key code.

Create an account for your EXW account on the smart phone in the Google Authenticator.

1.) Open the Google 2FA Authenticator.

2.) Scan the QR code displayed in the back office.

3.) A new Google Authenticator account has been set up and the current 2FA code is displayed.

Enter the 6-digit 2FA code in the back office, which is displayed in the APP.

A confirmation code will be sent to the specified email address. Enter the confirmation code from the email and complete the process.

In the future, in addition to the login data, the 6-digit 2FA code must also be entered if you want to log in to the back office.

The 2FA security setting can be deactivated at any time. However, a valid 2FA code is required for this.

Notes on the Goggle 2FA Authenticator:

Make a note of and secure the key code specified by EXW!
If you want to use the goggle authenticator on another device, you need the key code to restore the account there.
The 6-digit 2FA code provided by the Google app is not static - it is constantly updated. It may well be that the 2FA code is already invalid if you want to enter it in EXW. Then use the current 2FA code.

If you would like to use the Google 2FA-Authenticator on the desktop instead of on the SmartPhone, we recommend the program WinAuth [Download].
Another option for generating the 2FA code is the "Authy" program.

Verification (KYC - Know Your Customer)    Video tutorial
According to the applicable regulations, it is necessary to perform a KYC. This is nothing other than proof of identity and address.

With the registration you automatically reach the KYC Level 1. However, the wallet functions are limited to deposits in crypto currencies.

If you want to deposit in FIAT currencies or make payments or transfers, this is only possible when the KYC process has been successfully completed and KYC Level 2 has been confirmed.

Requirements for KYC Level 2:
  1. Completed registration
  2. Fully completed user profile
  3. Selfie with your identity card.
    The ID number must be easy to read
  4. Copy of passport or identity card
  5. Consumption invoice or confirmation of address as proof of residence

    The following documents are accepted:
    • Gas / electricity / water bill
    • Telephone / internet bill
    • Bank account statement
    • Bill of insurance
    • Official letter
    • Backside identity card
    The documents must not be older than 3 months. There must always be "all 4 corners" visible. The name and address must be clearly legible on the document.

    The following documents are not accepted:
    • Mobile phone bill.
    • Invoice of an online order.
    • Other invoices of orders or purchases.
    • All documents that are not legible, not fully visible, or older than 3 months.

Check data in the user profile.

Upload documents (3-5).

  1. To the form for uploading the ID document
  2. To the form for uploading the proof of address
  3. Back to the back office

After uploading the documents, KYC level 2 should be confirmed within 24 hours.

If you recommend EXW, pass on your registration link (Ref-LInk) to your prospect. Registration is only possible with a valid Ref-LInk. For the reward system can thus take place an assignment to the referrers.

Recommendation is worthwhile: Referrers will receive a reward on partner bonus payments.

Further steps:

Deposit on the EXW wallet

Exchange of the deposit into EXW tokens

Send (Transfer) EXW tokens to the EXW Bonus wallet

Recommend EXW / EXchangeWorld (ExWorld)


Registration Instructions

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