EXDrive / EXW Car Program
Just refuel - drive your dream car, paid with the auto-program

On November 15th, 2019 the Car Program was activated in the back office. Thanks to a cooperation in the automotive sector, it is possible to make vehicles available for long-term rentals via the EXDrive / EXW platform.
With the EXDrive / EXW Car Program, users of the EXDrive / EXW wallet can rent a car in the long term without a lot of red tape and no credit check.

Contracts with a term of one or two years are offered. Long-term rent is paid with EXW tokens.
The offer is currently limited to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but should be expanded to other countries in the short term.

Depending on the amount of bonuses received monthly from the bonus programs, vehicles of various categories are offered (5 levels). The level reached is unlocked in the back office and the vehicle can be configured.

The rental price includes all maintenance and services in an authorized workshop at your location, as well as wear, tires and all insurance and taxes. You just have to refuel.

Advantages of long-term vehicle rental
  • No maintenance and wear costs
  • Fully comprehensive insurance included (no age restrictions)
  • No car taxes or registration fees
  • No costs due to loss of value
  • No credit check required (Schufa entry)
  • Drive current vehicle models regularly
  • Greater flexibility for changes in the private sphere (child, dog)
  • Liquidity is retained
  • Fast assembly or dismantling of the vehicle fleet for companies
  • Deductible business expenses
  • Better overview of finances, since fixed costs
  • Quick replacement in the event of damage

EXW Car Program overview

Level 1

Audi A1, A3, Q2
BMW X1, 1er, 2er
Mercedes A-Klasse, CLA, GLA
Rental price: up to 1295 EUR / month
Deposit: 5000 EUR
Activation from the converted 1800 EUR bonus per month
Level 2

Audi A4, A5, Q3
BMW X3, 3er, 4er
Mercedes C-Klasse, GLC
Rental price: up to 1395 EUR / month
Deposit: 6500 EUR
Activation from the converted 2800 EUR bonus per month
Level 3

Audi A6, A7, Q5
BMW X5, 5er, 6er
Mercedes E-Klasse, CLS, GLE
Rental price: up to 1850 EUR / month
Deposit: 8500 EUR
Activation from the converted 4000 EUR bonus per month
Level 4

Audi A8, Q7, Q8
BMW X7, 7er, 8er
Mercedes S-Klasse, GLS
Rental price: up to 4800 EUR / month
Deposit: 12000 EUR
Activation from the converted 6000 EUR bonus per month
Level X

Mercedes AMG
Other vehicles: on request
Rental price and deposit: on request
Activation from the converted 8000 EUR bonus per month

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